Chief Gregory Alexander & Corporal Brian Michael are seen in this photograph taken at Fennell Elementary on the first day back to school on August 17, 2017. Officers were on hand to wish them a good school year and treated them to a demonstration of Yemassee K9 Zika.


Officers are seen here conducting a "Traffic Safety Check Point" in Yemassee on August 12, 2017. Traffic Safety Checkpoints are conducted at various times throughout the year and target moving violations and impaired drivers.

Patrol Division

​The Town of Yemasse's patrol Division is the fundamental element of the police department.

The patrol division is under the direction of Chief Gregory Alexander and is comprised of a Lieutenant and a Sergeant along with six uniformed officers.  Emergency Dispatchers are employees of the Hampton County Sheriff's Office and operate and dispatch calls for service in Yemassee from their office in Hampton, SC.

The division is aligned into two shifts, 7AM-7PM and 7PM-7AM with officers rotating between the two shifts monthly. The Patrol Division maintains the fleet of police cars, canine vehicles and four wheel SUV's, all of which are outfitted with the latest in advanced technology. Each vehicle is equipped with police radios and MDT's (Mobile Data Terminals) with direct access to Hampton County Dispatch.  In addition, the vehicles are also equipped with crime scene kits, radar units and in car video recording systems.

This new technology enhances the officers ability to perform his/her day to day duties by providing critical information and allowing officers to complete a wide variety of tasks such as, including drivers license/warrant checks, receive computer dispatches, aerial maps and completing reports. As a result of this “new” technology, these tasks can now be performed individually by each officer while in his patrol vehicle out on patrol without having to return to the police station, thereby substantially increasing the amount of time each officer spends on patrol and is available to provide immediate response to calls for service from the citizens of the Town of Yemassee.

investigations Division

​The Investigations Division is responsible for providing investigative assistance to the Patrol Division. The Investigations Division is trained is a multidisciplinary team that can investigate a wide array of crimes including Assaults, Evidence Collection, Financial Crimes, Gang Intelligence, Homicides and Narcotics Investigations.

There have been an increased amount of telephone related scams that have been reported in surrounding areas and we urge our residents to use caution when answering phone calls. Certain scam calls inform you that you are delinquent on federal taxes and if you do not pay them by the end of the business day. The IRS does not contact taxpayers by phone and most certainly would not demand payment the same day. We have developed a list of useful links to combat Identity Theft and other areas.

​Fighting back against Identity Theft

Citizens Opposed to Domestic Violence

Reporting Child Abuse